We are conducting a feasibility study to explore ways to upcycle manufacturing byproducts, surplus consumer products, and other materials. Upcycling encompasses a range of approaches to materials reuse that is more beneficial than simply recycling. Read about upcycling in Entrepreneur magazine here

We convened a meeting in mid-November with two national leaders in the development of programs combining upcycling with job creation and poverty alleviation. Click here to read about the backgrounds and accomplishments of Terry McDonald and Susan Palmer of St. Vincent de Paul.  Click here to access slideshows from the meeting.

Materials Exchanges: Several states and national organizations have created "Materials Exchanges" where manufacturers can offer up materials for use by other companies. Here are some examples:

NW Materialsmart

Materials Marketplace

Upcycling Design Competitions: By offering prizes for new product ideas, competitions can spark new businesses that create jobs  and conserve energy, water and materials. 

Creators and Innovators Upcycling Contest 

Goodwill Ultimate Upcycling Contest

Appalachian Ohio Reuse Competition

Upcycled Arts: Reusing materials to create art is a great way to educate people about the benefits of conserving resources. 

Fireseed Arts